Rise of the Runelords

Rememberances (Days 1-3)

Rainbow's reflections

Rainbow, Halfling Shaman.

During the first battle I remember casting a sleep spell and watching as the rest of the group deftly handled the five remaining goblins. I healed our wounded party members and some townsfolk after that one, and suddenly there were more of the nasty creatures coming at us.

This time I cast an entanglement spell that worked on most of the creatures but did nothing to stop the leaders, who appeared to be bards or something. Those guys had some sort of magical ability, I can’t recall just what it was but we managed to take them out fairly quickly. With the aid of the town priest, I healed the party and more injured towns folk.

By the time the healing was dealt, we were set upon by more goblins… but this time they had goblin dogs. I was all out of spells and watched as some of you went down. I managed to hit a couple of the creatures with some crossbow bolts but knew my real worth was in keeping the party healthy. So I got as close as I could and did some channel healing. Thankfully we managed to take the rest of the little fuckers out and helped save Sandpoint.

That night we rested up and decided that on the following day we would go goblin hunting. The next morning Vega got up early and while Rakonia finally gulped down the slime water for a gold piece, Vega met with the priest who told her he heard noises coming from inside a crypt. We decided to hold off on the goblin hunting and investigated the sounds in the burial site.
The Spirit of life flows through me, allowing me to spontaneously detect the presence of undead, which I did outside the crypt. Sure enough I could sense some weak undead auras just behind the door. I think it was Rakonia (but it might have been Skalmold) who opened the door. Either way, once the small stone chamber was exposed, I channeled the holy energy and a bunch of the previously deceased went down. The fighters quickly dispatched the remaining skeletons and once again we proved that a woman can do twice what any man can hope to accomplish.



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