Ameiko Kaijitsu

Proprietor of the Rusty Dragon, Ex-Adventurer


Ameiko is a smoking hot human woman with a wiry build and prominent tattoos, as well as tattoos only seen to her closest of friends. Her almond-shaped eyes and golden skin mark her Tian ancestry.

In her youth, Ameiko made her name as an adventurer before using her proceeds to establish ownership over the Rusty Dragon. Her cooking skills are now renowned over her swordplay and, during a recent cooking competition, she handily defeated more expensive establishments. She has not forgotten her adventuring roots, however, and treats promising new heroes with generosity. Though of noble birth, Ameiko is estranged from her father, Lonjiku for reasons unknown to the PCs.

UPDATE (3/6/2015)

Zerya proves to be a quick study of local history and divines that Ameiko had a younger, half-elf brother named Suto.

Rescued from the clutches of her brother and his goblin minions, Ameiko has been convinced by Lucrezia to help in setting up and maintaining the defenses of Sandpoint. Sole inheritor of the Kaijitsu estate, the Glassworks is once again up and running thanks to experts hired from Magnimar, and certain members of the Sisterhood of Steel have made an effort to stir up a buzz for her products.

Ameiko Kaijitsu

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