Belor Hemlock

Accomplished Sheriff of Sandpoint


This human male’s Shoanti features are displayed by his impressive height, wide shoulders and prominent facial features. His usual stern gaze is accented by his clean-shaved pate.


Belor won renown in the city of Sandpoint after he tracked down and defeated the “Chopper,” a notorious serial killer. Since then, he has commanded the city’s watch. He has not said much of the deed that made him famous, which implies he either is not a man given to bragging or there is more to the story than he is willing to tell. He has proven a to be capable commander in battle during the goblin assault on Sandpoint, however, and similarly recognized the PCs’ prowess during the same. As a result, he has allowed the party restricted access to the city’s armory (i.e. free ammunition).

Belor Hemlock

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