Demon Worshipper and Leader of Goblins


Nuaila is said to be a beautiful female aasimar with silver hair and the features of an angel. Her left hand has been “blessed” by Lamashtu and is now a deformed, hideous thing that reveals Nualia’s true, corrupt nature.


Nualia was the adopted daughter of Sandpoint’s previous high priest, Tobryn. She mysteriously disappeared several years ago and, shortly after, Sandpoint entered a time of troubles, culminating with a blaze that destroyed the town’s temple and killed the high priest.

The PCs have since learned that Nualia controls the goblin tribes surrounding Sandpoint. In fact, their recent attack on Sandpoint was merely a ruse that allowed her to abscond with her adopted father’s remains. These remains were subsequently used in a heretical ritual devoted to Lamashtu in which the Mother of Monsters gifted the otherwise beautiful aasimar with a hideously deformed appendage.

In addition to her goblin lackeys, Nualia has a number of allies, including a wizard and a bugbear. She was even allied with Tsuto, Ameiko’s confused, now deceased, half-brother. Most disturbing, though, is a shadowy figure only known as Malfeshnekor. Malfeshnekor’s true identity is unknown to the PCs but Nualia expects to become even more powerful once she makes contact with this being.


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