Rainbow Stargaze

Halfling Shaman


Rainbow Stargaze, an attractive skinny little thing from that other shire. She travels with her constant companion, Donazata, a tiny little woman with a lithe form and tiny delicate butterfly wings.

Female Halfling Shaman (Life Spirit) 10
CG Small Humanoid (Halfling)
Init + 7, Senses, Perception 9 (11 Alertness, Donna within arms reach)
AC 21 touch 14, flat-footed 17
hp 29 (1d8)
Fort + 5, Ref + 5; Wis + 8(10vs. fear)
Speed 30 ft.
Dagger + 7/2 (1d3 -1/ 19-20×2)
Light Crossbow +11 (1d6/ 19-20×2)
Str 9, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 19, Cha 16
Base Atk 7/2; CMB 5; CMD 18
Spirit Ability: Channel Energy 6x per day 7d6 heal living or damage undead DC
Feats: Extra Channel, Alertness(when Donna is within arms reach), Selective Channeling, Improved Initiative, Improved Familiar, Spirit Talker
Skills: Diplomacy 15, Fly 11, Handle Animal 10, Heal 15, Knowledge Local 6, Knowledge Nature 6, Knowledge Planes 7, Knowledge Religion 10, Perform (Percussion) 8, Ride 7, Spellcraft 7, Survival 16
Languages: Common, Halfling, Goblin
Traits: Student of Faith(
1 caster lvl for cure spells, 1 dc channel energy)
Halfling trait Well Informed(
1 diplomacy and Knowledge local, K local becomes class skill


Rainbow Stargaze was born to very unique parents. Her mother, Mistanda Whalwinch, was a mischievous woods-witch rumored to eat small children and turn young boys into toads. Her father, the righteous Druid Cottonwood, a man at once confrontational as a honey badger yet as tender as a lamb.
The small family lived a nomadic life. They traveled the land in a small wagon, using their magical abilities to earn what little coin they needed. Sometimes their aid was freely given. Sometimes in exchange for a loaf of bread or a warm fire but most of the time it was for a good tune or an entertaining story. These were always fallowed by Druid Cottonwood impassioned speeches to abolish the gold standard and do away with all forms of government, feudal, democratic or tyrannical and to end the slavery of the masses.
Her parents were Anarchists.
Rainbow grew up shielded from what her parents felt was a corrupt world order. She was taught how to live off the land, how the natural world is the right world, how to care for people and treat their wounds. As she grew older she became quite good at deflecting the concerns of some of those who disagreed with what her parents had to say. There were many. Somehow this charming spaced out little girl would either convince them of the truth in Cottonwood’s words or, most likely, the listener would come away thinking they were a little bit quirky but a relatively harmless family. Plus they just used their magic to save me weeks worth of labor for just a loaf of bread.
Occasionally the family’s travels would bring them in contact with a goblin tribe. It was at her mother’s insistence that she learn to speak with the foul creatures. Rainbow was also shown how to use a crossbow, just in case. Mistanda feared Rainbow’s naiveté would get her killed or eaten. It was her father’s firmly held belief that if he could get a goblin to share his viewpoints of society surely every other creature in the land would have to get on board. It never happened.
At a young age Rainbow stopped eating meat. Her parents loved to eat mutton but they never questioned their daughter’s decision to be forever thin with a slightly bloated belly. Instead they showed her how to purify her food with magic and got her in touch with the Spirit of Life.
It was while practicing magic at a dump that Rainbow met Mr. Fuzzy Whiskers. At first her mother threatened to refuse him entrance to their little wagon but soon she noticed a difference in her daughter. With Mr. Fuzzy Whiskers she was less gullible, less naïve. Mr. Fuzzy Whiskers had found a home.
Unfortunately, to her parent’s horror, around this time Rainbow developed a fascination with the gods and their various religions. Her mother did what she could to counter this new found passion in her daughter but that just made it worse. Rainbow has never professed to worship, she found her magic in the spirits, she’s just a little curious why anyone would think ones soul is owned by a god.
Eventually her father’s fascination with goblins got them into trouble. It was while arguing over the fine point that the shininess of an object holds no real tangible quality that her father stepped over that invisible line of goblin acceptance. A goblin riot ensued ending with the tragic death of her mother and the near total ruin of the Druid Cottonwood.
Rainbow had never known her father to hold such power before but the complete decimation of the goblin tribe the fallowed her mothers death was an eye opener to say the least. Slowly her father’s actions and the death of her mother started to drive the man insane. He gave away the wagon, outfitted his daughter with all the tools he thought she’d need and walked off into the woods. Rainbow Stargaze and Mr. Fussy Whiskers were left to fend for themselves.
So far they’ve been doing okay. Recently she heard about a chapel dedicated to six different gods in Sandpoint. So she traveled to the town to check it out.

Rainbow Stargaze

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