Rakonia Stoneborn

Rugged dwarven ranger


Rakonia is shorter, stockier and uglier than the average dwarf. She has brownish red hair with a ruddy complexion to match. Her wide, crooked nose tells of numerous fights, as does her off-center jutting jaw line.

Rakonia’s Stat Block


Rakonia Stoneborn was born in Brachenhold, a small dwarven mining community buried in the mountains to the east of Janderhoff. This mining community provided Janderhoff with gems that helped fuel the city’s trade. Unfortunately, it was frequently attacked by ogres or worse and Janderhoff was slow to respond. Thus all townsfolk, even the children, were trained to fight such monsters. This suited Rakonia well. She had always considered the trappings attributed to women to be foolish and within Brachenhold her boyishness hardly merited a comment. The few boys who dared comment on her gender usually ran screaming to their mothers, lips split or noses bent sideways.

When Rakonia was only thirteen years old, one of the aforementioned attacks overcame Brachenhold’s defenses. Instead of the usual ogres, Brachenhold was attacked by huge giants wielding gigantic blades and wearing strange armor. Before Rakonia could be captured, killed, or worse, her father sent her down a sloping mine shaft. Rakonia tumbled to the darkness below, the screams of her townsfolk fading away the further she fell.

Rakonia was hopelessly lost deep below the mountains. The little food she had soon ran out. When a strange creature with multiple arms and a toothed maw at the top of its cone shaped body emerged from a nearby stone formation, Rakonia was certain she would die. Instead, it pointed to a small pouch of gems Rakonia was unaware she still carried. Rakonia held a gem out and the creature devoured it greedily. In return, it brought her a small patch of moss that, while bitter, proved edible. Rakonia spent the next several months with these strange creatures, trading her natural ability to find valuable stone for ready food and protection from the horrors that dwelt below.

One day while exploring, Rakonia smelled fresh air. She rushed forward and emerged into blinding daylight. After several hours ranging the mountainside, she found Brachenhold, or rather what was left of it. The giants were gone but the ruins were swarming with goblins, picking over the scraps. Rakonia slaughtered a few in a fit of rage before she confirmed no living dwarves remained in Brachenhold. After rummaging for armor and weapons, she left, swearing never to return.

Rakonia first traveled to Janderhoff but could not shake the feeling the city’s greed was responsible for Brachenhold’s demise. To get as far away as possible, she traveled caravans on mercenary duty. Unfortunately, she found humans more prone to comment on her gender and, as a result, she lost more that a few jobs beating fellow mercenaries senseless over opinions regarding her lifestyle. The last ill-fated job landed her on the other side of Varisia in a town named named Sandpoint.

Rakonia is slightly shorter and uglier than the average dwarf. She bathes rarely and has the aroma to prove it. Moreover, she is socially awkward and rude to a fault, having never truly adjusted from her time with the creatures below the mountain. Nonetheless, she is welcomed with guarded hospitality by the people of Sandpoint, who see her time spent scouting as one of selfless service. In truth, she enjoys it for the opportunity to get away from people’s stares and to test her axe edge on a goblins skull or two.

Rakonia Stoneborn

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