Ninja from the realm of shadows


Zeyara spent her youth being pampered by wealthy Fetchling merchants in the city of Absalom. She had few cares and even fewer unmet wants.

This however left her feeling bored as she grew older. With all her material needs more than provided for she never felt the thrill of adventure as in the stories she read.

Her boredom manifested itself in her sneaking out of her parents house in the evening to seek her own adventures. It was during one such excursion that she would meet her mentor, a secretive Elven woman.

Zeyara learned the art of shadows from her new friend, unlocking a secret world she had only dreamed off.

As she entered into adulthood, she took the final steps upon the path of assassination and infiltration and left her old life behind for good. The last few years have seen her travel half-way across the continent learning from new and different masters, seeking to perfect her craft.


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